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this is the greatest thing I have ever seen tbh ;v;

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“People interest me. I care about some ferociously and passionately. I care about most in at least an abstract humanitarian sense.

But people also baffle and exhaust me, and I don’t trust most of them. They generalize and assume based on very limited data sets. They touch me. From behind. In crowds. They ignore the words I have so carefully arranged to say exactly what I want them to say and project their own insecurities and needs and prejudices. They treat me like an extension of them; they subsume who I am and what I say into whatever role they want or need me to fill and then punish me when I fail to follow a script I can’t see.

I wish I were better at being what people want me to be. I wish they’d tell me what that was.

I wish I knew what the rules were.

I wish there were rules.”

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the fbi will never catch me


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Hannibal AU: The Lab Coats - a comedy spin-off all about the crazy shenanigans Beverly, Jimmy, and Brian deal with down at the lab while helping out agents Graham and Crawford. [insp]

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"I’ve changed. You changed me."

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Bryan Fuller: [Hannibal’s] plan was to create a family with Will Graham and Abigail Hobbs, in a way that they are all severely compromised as human beings, and he would be able to help both Will Graham and Abigail Hobbs accept themselves for what the world has made them to be. [x]

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